The Boat

19′ Wellcraft 190 ccF

Our boat’s a 19′ Wellcraft that and holds an operator and three divers.  We usually launch it from the Mission Bay which gives easy access to Wreck Alley and the Point Loma area. We schedule dives through  Once you join the club and you will be able to sign up for any of the DASC events and boat dives.

Boat Procedures


Divers should be comfortable back-rolling off small boat AND be able to get back on board unassisted. There’s no Dive Master on the boat so members are expected to assist in docking, anchoring (deploying and retrieval) and helping other members when entering/exiting the boat, gearing up etc.

What to Bring? 
Our boat is small so less is better:
Lightweight mesh dive bag with your basic dive gear inside 
Two full tanks
Your weights 
A spare towel – keep a second on shore 
Sunscreen, hat and shades
Cell phone (in dry box or plastic baggie)

What Not to Bring:
Big gear bags
All of your dry clothes (they will get wet)

Pre-Dive Set-Up:
The boat operator will go over a briefing before the trip and dive sites will be chosen based on certifications, skills and equipment of everyone on the trip. Ask any questions you may have.

Most trips are two tank dives, and you will do your surface interval on the boat at the dive site – so take your meds if you need them – the boat is small and does bounce around! Everything that goes on the boats will (probably) get wet – so plan accordingly.

Show Up Early and Ask Questions! 
Put your small bits in a mesh bag and put it on the boat.
Put your exposure suit on at your car while on shore–there’s not enough room to do it on the boat. Assemble your BCD and place it into the boat before its launched.

The Trip Out:
Listen to the operator, they will tell you if you need to move in any direction to help trim the boat. Things can bounce, keep an eye open and hang on. Think Sea Hunt type of thoughts.

At the Dive Site:
Most people gear up on the boat and perform a rolling back entry into the water while others put their bcd in the water. Clip it to one of the lines and slowly lower it into the water, make sure the bladder is full of air first.

After the dive, get back into the boat using the use the ladder on the transom (back of the boat).

Heading Home:
Make sure your light dive gear is stowed properly prior to heading back, things bounce!

You are ready to book a boat dive!
We are using for boat scheduling. Once you are DASC member and sign up for you will be able to sign up for any of the DASC events and book a boat dive.