How it Started

We are a San Diego based dive club called The Dive Animals Scuba Club which was originally started in 1984 as the Convair Scuba Club, created for General Dynamics employees. Subsidized by the company, the club acquired two inflatable Zodiac-style boats over the next six years. However, by 1990, General Dynamics was shrinking rapidly, and by 1993, it had sold off its San Diego divisions.

Without corporate sponsorship, John Ellerbrock decided to run the club as a standalone non-profit. After incorporating with the state and securing insurance, the Convair Scuba Club was reformed as the Dive Animals Scuba Club.
Since 1993, the Dive Animals Scuba Club has been a cornerstone of the San Diego diving scene.

Currently the dive animals sponsors one of the 3Rs events each year which runs from June to September. 3Rs is a safety program for swimmers and divers that teaches the public how to swim in and around rocks, rips and reefs. Keep an eye out on meetup.com for the opportunity to volunteer with 3rs and feel free to join them for the their other events to learn and become a more proficient in the ocean. They list their events on the 3Rs meetup.com page.

We also host a yearly potluck style picnic and membership drive so bring your favorite dish and get ready for a good time. Share stories, participate in the raffle and meet your fellow Dive Animals.

All Dive Animals events are scheduled through our group page on the Dive Animals meetup.com page.


Kelly Fulton

Boat Manager
Clint Anderson

Janet Pinterits

Dan Sphar


Board of Directors

Janet Pinterits
Clint Anderson
Kelly Fulton